Press Release: Prosource celebrates its 20th anniversary

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Prosource - 20 years

Prosource celebrated its 20th anniversary in the casino of Ostend on Saturday, September 10th ’22.

A dream comes true

As a child, Nico Marien, founder of Prosource, dreamed of one day starting his own company. After several years on the job market, the dream became reality. With an eye for the development of the individual, the drive to create an environment where employees feel at home and the focus to become the reference for project management expertise, Prosource was born.

“If you have motivated employees, success comes naturally. From day one, the employee is essential to us. Growing quickly was never the only goal; our priority is to motivate people and to create an environment where they feel good and can develop further.”

Nico Marien, founder Prosource.


The DNA of Prosource

This focus made Prosource an agile and resilient company. Meanwhile, the company weathered the banking crisis and the pandemic. In 2020 ProjectPolis, led by Guy Goossens, joined forces with Prosource and they decided to collaborate under the Prosource name. Meanwhile, at the beginning of 2022, Nico took the step to parent company Sisu as COO and Guy became Managing Director at Prosource. A new captain, but the course remained the same.

“Monitoring Prosource’s unique DNA remains the core. Our company is characterized by our personal approach and customer focus. Even though consultants spend most of their time at the client, Prosource remains the glue and that creates a strong sense of togetherness.”

Guy Goossens, Managing Director Prosource.


What does the future hold for Prosource?

“We will continue to focus on the knowledge domain of project management, but we are also looking at new markets”, Guy says. “Sustainable growth and diversification are how we keep moving forward. We will always put our people first and provide them the space to deepen their knowledge and to present them with challenging projects so that they can develop to their fullest potential. That is what keeps us going.”


Prosource is the market leader in project management expertise and was founded in 2002.
Sisu is a group of more than 600 domain experts active in different sectors and generated a turnover of more than 60 million euros last year.