Intern Life at Prosource: Meet Paulien Debrie

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Alyssa Lefever
Alyssa Lefever
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Paulien Debrie has been an intern at Prosource since October 2022. With a previous experience as a student recruiter, she currently supports our HQ team with a focus on talent acquisition.


“Most days start at 7:15 AM with an hour-long commute to the Prosource offices in Mechelen. On Thursdays, I usually choose to work from home and start work at approximately 8 AM. My workday always starts with one constant: checking the mailbox!

Whether it’s through a shared file or our daily early-morning stand-up, everyone is informed of each other’s upcoming and recently finished tasks and planning, which helps us create a cohesive workplace.”


“Following the daily stand-ups, I regularly have meetings with my colleague in talent acquisition, Alana. These meetings ensure we remain in the know on each other’s activities, including: 

  • vacancies being sent out
  • looking for suitable candidates
  • creating a written vacancy, and more!

Afterwards, I start my process of looking for potential candidates and contacting applicants. It’s great to be able to connect talented experts to the exciting projects we have to offer at Prosource!

After a well-deserved lunch break, I pick up right where I left off and continue the hiring process. 

I search, contact, interview and screen until a match has been made. It’s a challenge, but so rewarding once our team is able to help project managers advance their careers!”

Thanks for your commitment to the Prosource community, Paulien! We wish you a great continuation of your internship.


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