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Are you looking to start a Project Management Office? Is an ongoing project stuck and do you need an expert to get it back on track? 

Our team provides an assessment in collaboration with your C-level stakeholders and project managers known as our quick scan to determine what your current challenges are. Based on these findings, we recommend the way forward and offer the right expertise to keep things moving forward. 

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We provide a quick scan if you… 

  • are in need of a scan of your current project governance or maturity level.
  • are looking for an external party to advise on the best way to handle your projects 
  • have questions about how to manage a portfolio (collection of different projects/programs) and need to determine which projects have priority in order to execute the business strategy

Not sure if your challenge qualifies? Reach out to our team, and they’ll be happy to have a look at your case

Although I already participated in a lot of projects for a variety of companies, the challenge at Colruyt Group was partially new for me too. Like other organisations, Colruyt Group is operating more and more in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. The world is changing faster and faster, and Colruyt Group needs to follow these changes at the same pace. However, in several areas, the company is also more and more facing the boundaries of classic project and portfolio management to cope with a fast-changing environment, also in retail. Therefore, other means, like “Agile”, are available that can deal better with this new reality of fast-changing environments.

Gert Leroy
Business Change Management Consultant ‐ Prosource

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If you face PM or BA challenges we’d love to hear all about them. Let us know, and we’ll honestly assess your case and provide the best way forward (with or without us).

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PMaaS provides a sustainable added value to your company. We provide a  partnership approach fully tailored to your business needs.

We aspire to be your business partner building a relationship based on trust, expertise and commitment. Our PMaaS follows a 5-step approach that lays out exactly what your company needs in order to tackle whatever PM challenge you may have.

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