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We are Prosource, an expert community of project management and business analysis experts on a mission to help businesses sustainably improve their projects' success rate. How? By facilitating project management & business analysis in a fast and goal-oriented way through skilled professionals with the right attitude.

We are passionate about projects and people

Founded in 2002, Prosource saw the light to improve the success rate of projects, on time and within budget. 

We offer training, staffing and advisory services in project management and business analysis. We serve clients across various industries, with a proven track record in IT Infrastructure, supply chain, R&D/Product development, and application development.  

Our mission is to support our clients in their business strategy and foster a community of talented project management & business analysis professionals where they can develop their expertise. 

The Prosource way

We consistently distinguish ourselves from our competitors because of our service experience. With our passion for projects and people, your experience is important to us. But we don’t just say this to fill our About page. At Prosource, we live up to our values by hiring talent with the right attitude. Professionals with a growth mindset who constantly invest in their skill sets. That’s what sets us apart as a knowledge-intensive company. 

Our values and company culture




Customer centric


Nurturing talented professionals is at the heart of Prosource. How? Maximizing growth potential by offering exciting career opportunities is what drives us. We work with project managers and business analysts who share the Prosource DNA: a technical, practical and customer-focused skill set with a keen eye for detail.

We believe clear communication is the foundation for successful collaborations. With our dynamic and fast approach, always with a positive & proactive tone, we commit to reaching your professional goals together with you. 

Our application process is the perfect example of how your journey as a professional at Prosource kickstarts. We always keep the impact you’ll make in mind as you gain access to our project portfolio. 

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Prosource is proudly powered by Sisu Group 

With more than 600 domain experts across 15 domains and serving more than 150 clients, Sisu is a growth enabler for talent. Sisu Group is a specialist workforce, an ecosystem of multiple brands such as Prosource. 

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