Meet Mireille Dobbelaere: Project Manager

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Get to know Mireille Dobbelaere, one of Prosource's experienced Project Managers.

Those who have already encountered Mireille will know that she is devoted to sharing her knowledge and teaching key aspects related to Project Management. Follow along her journey as she explains her entrance into the working environment up until her career highlights.


First steps into the working environment.

Tell us a bit more about your career path.

I began my career by engaging in technical projects in the areas of CAD/CAM and CNC machinery, and later 3D digitalization, all for which I also conducted training. 

Transitioning to the IT sector, I contributed to various start-ups in financial software, fulfilling roles in support, testing, and project management. Eventually, I joined Prosource due to their need for expertise in software testing, process improvement, and PMO functions.


Are there any differences between start-ups and larger corporations?

I have had my first work experiences predominantly in start-ups or start-up alike companies. The decision lines were notably short, fostering a dynamic environment. Transitioning to a larger corporation, I observed a notable contrast in the pace of processes. 

Adapting to a more hierarchical organization and learning to navigate and thrive within this different landscape was a challenge.


How do you manage challenges encountered in a project?

I see all of my projects as challenges I have to overcome. I try to stay as proactive as possible to find solutions that will best serve my clients. This approach not only ensures a smoother workflow but also allows me to provide effective and timely solutions to any challenge.



Gaining expertise along the way

Did you notice any changes in your project management style?

I learned the practicalities of certain methods and I believe I understand what can and what shouldn’t be done when conducting certain projects. It’s a matter of using your common sense and finding the best way to achieve both your objectives and the client’s objectives.


How do you prioritise your tasks?

I noticed that there are typically too many questions and not enough answers. I like to prioritize my tasks depending on the context of the project and assign specific tasks accordingly. 

Sometimes, the client also intervenes and asks for particular tasks to be done in priority. I find it really important to analyse your context first, and decide on relevant actions that take the context into account.


How did Prosource give you the possibility to grow professionally?

Prosource gave me the opportunity to strengthen my practical experience with a backpack of knowledge and expertise in various models and methods. This helps me to employ what is most efficient and adapted to a given context for the execution of my assignments.


Career highlights and tips

What are the highlights of your career so far?

I have had the opportunity to work with multiple clients in different business structures. I like to refer to myself as a structured chaotic person because I learned to work well with people who have organised and disorganised work styles and adapt my leadership role accordingly.


How do you make an impact on the companies you work with?

In a nutshell, my responsibilities encompass conducting coaching sessions, facilitating trainings, managing portfolios, overseeing operational activities and optimizing processes. 

I try to make sure businesses are coordinated and supported and that project deadlines are met.


Do you have any advice for a junior PM?

(1) Understand the company you are working with and their way of working.

(2) Avoid relying on online meetings only as it is crucial to establish a strong connection with clients and to get a sense of their ambitions.

(3) Know where you are heading and, if necessary, adapt your plan in alignment with the evolving circumstances.


This enriching conversation gave us more insights into Mireille's daily life. Thank you for reading!



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