Meet Eline Horemans: Project Management Lead at Horta

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Caterina Janssens
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Eline Horemans is a Project Management Lead at Horta. Here, she shares her journey and passion for project management.

“Joining the project at Horta was an exciting opportunity for me. I have always had a keen interest in the retail industry and complex IT projects that involve the seamless integration of software, hardware, and data.”

Eline is happy with her role and the project that she is involved with: 

“I am driven by the desire to make a significant impact and drive positive change. This project aligns perfectly with my career aspirations. It allows me to work with a diverse set of internal teams, collaborate with third parties, and guide stakeholders through the change management process.”


Eline started her project at Horta for several reasons: 

“Firstly, their focus on retail sparks my enthusiasm, as I have a genuine interest in this industry. Secondly, Horta’s involvement in complex IT projects, which combine software and hardware with data, excites me. I thrive in environments that promote taking ownership and independence, while also encouraging the exploration of new ideas and alternative ways of working. Horta facilitates such a working environment.

“Furthermore, the opportunity to work closely with diverse internal teams, including IT, ERP, data, training, and management, is appealing to me. Being able to collaborate with individuals from various backgrounds and areas of expertise enriches my professional experience and enables me to approach problem-solving from different perspectives. Additionally, it allows me to effectively establish a comprehensive plan of action and drive continuous improvements.

“Next to that, guiding stakeholders throughout the change management process is of utmost importance, considering that the store’s ERP system plays a central role in daily operational processes. This resonates with my interest in supporting others and ensuring a smooth transition towards adopting new solutions. As the point of contact for all ERP-related inquiries, both internally and externally, I have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the stores and assist them in their journey towards embracing the changes.”

As the Project Management Lead, Eline’s role is crucial in driving the project’s success. She elaborates on her approach: 

I am a firm believer in serving the team and adapting my project management practices to their needs. Creating an open and collaborative environment is essential for generating innovative ideas, resolving challenges, and maintaining a high level of project satisfaction.”


Through her experiences leading the project at Horta, Eline has gained valuable insights: 

“Effective communication is key. Regularly updating stakeholders on project progress, addressing concerns promptly, and celebrating milestones together foster a sense of ownership and commitment.”

She also underscores the importance of adaptability:

“In a fast-paced project environment, things can change quickly. Being flexible and open to adjusting plans and strategies is crucial for success. It’s important to stay agile and embrace new opportunities that arise.”


Besides her function at Horta, Eline is pleased with her interaction with Prosource as well:  

“Prosource has been supportive in my career development. Their extensive network of clients provides opportunities for future assignments, and their knowledgeable senior project managers are always available to share insights and challenge my ideas.

“Furthermore, on a yearly basis, Prosource conducts a 360-degree evaluation and review. This rigorous evaluation process allows me to reflect on my performance, receive constructive feedback, and identify areas for growth. It has undoubtedly helped me develop my skills and advance my career.”

Eline also has a clear sense of her future aspirations: 

I have a deep passion for project management, and I want to continue making a positive impact in this field. My goal is to take on larger and more complex projects, collaborating with diverse teams and driving transformational change. Ultimately, I strive to become a trusted advisor and thought leader in project management. I hope to inspire others to pursue their ambitions, challenge the status quo, and embrace innovation.”

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