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Caterina Janssens
Caterina Janssens
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A new milestone for Prosource was reached: we got rebranded, along with our fellow branch, Evertys!

More than 100 members of our community gathered to celebrate our rebranding and to discover our new brand identity and ambition. 

Our CEO Stephane Collignon welcomed everyone and drew attention to how Sisu is now an international ecosystem with 6 strong brands and more than 600 colleagues.

Representatives of our Talent Squad, Gianni Aerts, Stéphanie Van Dyck, and Kris Cuypers zoomed in on how Sisu Group and its branches prioritize the guidance of our community when it comes to professional development.

Finally, Guy Goossens and Mickaël Goudmaeker took center stage to reveal our new branding and plans for the future! 🚀

Dinner included a fun networking game where the winner took it all.. Congrats to our colleague Bob Brabants for winning a spot on our upcoming ski trip!

Big thanks to the colleagues of our fellow Sisu Group branches for attending!

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