Meet Ilyas Özdemir: Digital Channel Advisor

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Alyssa Lefever
Alyssa Lefever
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When he joined Prosource, Ilyas Özdemir, Digital Channel Advisor, was given practical advice to help him fulfil a career in Business Analysis and Project Management. It opened the doors to many experiences that would shape the future of his career. Discover more about Ilyas’s story in our latest conversation:



I started to study international trade marketing and I pursued a degree in business communication at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. 

I didn’t have a clear idea of where I wanted my career to head. After a few professional experiences, I decided to look for other opportunities and I was quickly contacted by Prosource. The approach and the content on their website spoke to me and after a few interviews, I was thrilled to join the team. 

The job combined Business Analysis and Project Management. I found it interesting because it gave me a chance to broaden my knowledge in the field of Management.

On top of that, I could easily see myself working as a consultant because I could be active in multiple sectors and gain a lot of experience. This is what drew me to consultancy! 



I currently work as a digital channel advisor for a leading company in the banking sector. 

I ensure that the people I am in contact with are using their digital channels appropriately and that they respond to the various business needs. I also provide assistance wherever necessary to enhance overall efficiency.

I find it interesting to engage with many different people across the entire company and to adapt to diverse situations. 



I have had the opportunity to attend multiple trainings and events covering various topics. 

Prosource regularly organises knowledge-sharing events, and given that I don’t work with other consultants, it’s nice to connect with them in both professional and informal settings.

The self-leadership training held by Kris Cuypers, the Chief People Officer at Sisu Group, also resonated with me because it addressed aspects relevant to our daily lives. I learned more about my personality type and which tools I can put into practice to analyse my emotions and my interactions. It helped me on a personal and professional level. I'm glad I was a part of it!


Thank you Ilyas for this insightful conversation.