Our mission

Our mission

Prosource was founded in 2002 to help businesses improve the success rate of their projects in a sustainable way.

Your project will be significantly more likely to succeed when you invest in professional project management. Our experienced project managers will help you finish your project within budget and on time.

Since 2002, we’ve managed many different projects for many different clients. We’ve learnt a lot and are continuously improving. We’re eager to share our experience with you.

Our team

All our team members are project management experts. On top of that they are specialised in one of the following fields: IT infrastructure, supply chain, software development or R&D.

To make sure that we can offer our clients the best service possible, we invest in regular training sessions and stimulate our project managers to obtain the relevant certifications for their field of work.

We believe that good project management is a matter of attitude, skills and experience. That’s why we invest in hiring high-potential juniors with the right attitude, who want to make a career in project management.

We mentor them, teach them all the skills they need for successful project management and give them the opportunity to gain practical working experience.

Our offices

Prosource office Belgium
Prosource office UK

Working at Prosource

Do you want to make a career in project management? Prosource is the place to be! Are you ready to take up project management responsibilities early in your career? We want you in our team!

"We believe good project management is based on attitude, skills and experience… in that order"

No matter how experienced you are, without the right attitude and skills you won’t succeed as a project manager. Prosource hires people with the right attitude, we teach them the project management skills so they can gradually build up their experience to become a real project management expert in one or more domains (IT infrastructure, supply chain, R&D / product development, application development).

"We believe a project manager must be decisive, pro-active and goal-oriented"

A good project manager makes things happen, is determined and puts plans into action. He/she does not sit and wait but instead takes initiative, anticipates (rather than solve) and embraces change (rather than oppose). On top of that good project managers go after their goals, stay focused and are effective in doing their work.

Join our team

"At Prosource the general vibe is always great. All colleagues are very helpful and never too shy to answer any of my questions. Whether it is help with tools, project management, a car, all issues will be discussed openly and with good intentions. Team events with knowledge sharing and good food help to keep your head in the Prosource-game and to connect with colleagues. I was able to follow a great practical training about Project Management with other young Prosource colleagues. This gave me a good head start to start managing projects as it should be done." 

Esther Tersago

Junior Project Manager