Our company culture

Our company culture

At Prosource we are committed to creating a good company culture, where everyone can flourish. Discover which qualities characterise our company culture, why we hire for attitude and train for skills and how we put our HR mission statement into practice.

Our company culture is characterised by responsiveness, sincerity and a down-to-earth attitude. But how do you notice this in our day-to-day business operations? We act fast, are honest and open about what we stand for and base all of our decisions on a genuine interest.

As a project manager at Prosource, you join a dynamic team of professionals in a down-to-earth environment. We believe in honest and direct communication and we have an open door policy. We have a near-perfect gender balance, which is unique in our profession.

More often than not, our project managers work on-site, alongside our customers. To build trust, encourage communication and increase collaboration between all our employees, we organise regular team-building activities.

We gather the Prosource team on a regular basis for events like our summer BBQ, the New Year’s party, team meetings with evening activities and our yearly Prosource strategy weekend. In 2019, we even started with the Prosource Ski Incentive. With activities like these, we build a positive company culture.

What does it take to be a project manager at Prosource?

At Prosource we believe that a project manager is decisive, proactive and goal-oriented.

We believe that attitude is the key. Succeeding as a project manager requires more than experience in and knowledge of an industry. It's your attitude that matters. A good project manager makes things happen, is determined and puts plans into motion.

That’s why at Prosource, we focus on hiring people with the right attitude. We teach them the necessary project management skills and support them in building their experience, so that they can become a project management expert in one or more domains (IT infrastructure, supply chain, R&D / product development, application development).

Your career at Prosource

At Prosource we are always looking for new project managers who: 

  • Take initiative and anticipate problems proactively.
  • Flourish in a dynamic work environment and embrace change.
  • Pursue their goals relentlessly and stay focused. 

Do you recognise yourself in the characteristics listed above? And do you want to make a career in project management? Then Prosource is the place to be! Are you ready to take responsibility early in your career? We want you in our team!

Our HR mission statement

It’s very important for us that new employees have the right mindset and feel a connection with our company culture. Our HR mission statement helps us to establish a fully committed and professional team that is passionate about project management and proud to work for Prosource. 

Our HR policy is based on 4 cornerstones

  • Engagement.
    We are looking for engaged employees. That’s why we invest in creating a work environment in which our employees feel comfortable to express their views.

  • Professional development and personal growth.
    We want our employees to be able to use their capabilities to the fullest. We encourage and facilitate professional and personal growth by defining the unique needs (training/support) of each employee in a personal development plan.

  • Leadership.
    We believe that leadership skills are essential to succeed as a project manager. That’s why we’ll help you develop not only your technical and management skills, but also your leadership skills.

  • Passion for projects.
    We distinguish ourselves by our passion for projects and the project management profession. Passion is the foundation of all of our actions and decisions.

Do you want to join the Prosource team?