Prosource Ski Incentive

Prosource Ski Incentive

At Prosource we are committed to creating a good company culture. This year we took our team of project managers to Austria for some skiing, yodeling and team building!

Thursday evening, 7 pm

On 28th March 2019 we took our first company ski trip. 21 of Procource’s project managers (some accompanied by their partners and/or kids) were waiting in the office, ski’s in hand.

When the bus arrived we could not help but be a little surprised at the huge double-decker bus that could fit at least 80 people. But never mind, off we went!

Thursday evening, 7.30 pm

After our luggage was loaded and everybody found a place to sit, we were ready to roll! As a surprise, Nico brought a bright green hat for everyone. The bus left with everyone wearing their green hat and a big smile!

Our two cheerful drivers, Jaap and Ramon, introduced themselves and started explaining the rules for the bus.

Thursday evening, 7.45 pm

Jaap was still talking about the rules on board. And he did not hold back on silly jokes to underline his point.

Thursday evening, 8 pm

Jaap made a third joke about not forgetting your mother in law when you get off the bus.

Thursday evening, 8.15 pm

Kevin took control of the situation and started a long speech using the bus drivers microphone.

Friday morning, 6 am

We arrived in Nauders after an evening filled with speeches and a few hours of sleep. Luckily the owner of Hotel Dreiländerblick had breakfast ready. We freshened up and we were ready to hit the slopes!

Friday, 12 pm

After skiing the entire morning, we met in Panorama Restaurant Bergkastel. We enjoyed typical local specialties such as shandies, large pints of beer, kaiserschmarrn and apfelstrudel.

The weather was amazing, so we could sit outside without our jackets on. Of course we kept our green hats on, promoting Prosource even when we’re in Austria.

Friday evening, 7 pm

After an entire day of skiing nothing could feel as good as a visit to the hotels sauna. And then it was dinner time! Our schnitzel and chips tasted even better after a whole day of exercise!

Friday evening, 9 pm

Most of us were tired after skiing and spending the night on the bus, so we went to bed early. We agreed to meet tomorrow at 8.40 sharp to take a group picture outside of the hotel. Good night!

Saturday morning, 8.40 am

A total of five people were ready for the group picture. The others were still eating breakfast.

Saturday morning, 8.42 am

The situation had improved, six people were now ready to have their picture taken.

Saturday morning, 8.44 am

Bus driver Jaap already took a picture of half of the group. Twelve green hats had shown up.

Saturday morning, 8.49 am

Everyone was ready and it has to be said: the group picture turned out wonderfully! For our second day, we drove to Italy, to try a different ski resort just over the border.

Saturday afternoon 12.30 pm

During our lunch break we discovered that Roeland was wearing his suit under his ski suit. That’s what we call a ‘skiing pro’! He was ready for a conference call on the slope.

Luckily for him, we didn’t work that weekend and anyone could just relax and enjoy the snow (whether it was by skiing or sleighing).

Saturday evening, 6 pm

Because the area lacked a real après-ski bar, we made one ourselves. The balcony of room 210 was transformed into a bar, with DJ Paul taking care of the beats. The invitation stated that wearing the Prosource hat was obligatory, it was a great start of the evening!


Saturday evening, 9 pm

After dinner we went to a bar. Thanks to the Austrian DJ and an entire tray of schnaps the evening started with a bang!

Saturday evening, 9.30 pm

After an already great start, the evening only got better! Nico surprised us with an authentic yodeling performance (because of GDPR we can not show images of this performance) and soon enough we were ready for the Conga line! We sang along to ‘Anton aus Tirol’ until the early hours. Goosebumps.

Sunday morning, 8 am

We met at breakfast for one final day of skiing. Although… Some of us would rather chill in the sun.

Sunday evening, 9 pm

One last meal and we were off. On the bus, everybody looked tired but happy. Only Jaap still had energy left, he could’ve talked all night if he wanted to.

Monday morning, 6 am

We arrived back in Mechelen, which signalled the end of our ski trip. Everybody went back to work, with fun memories to brighten their day. See you next year!