IT Infrastructure

No matter which type of IT infrastructure project you have, Prosource will find you a perfect project manager who will help you reach your goals. Our IT infrastructure project managers have experience in both traditional and agile project management. With their combined knowledge of IT Infrastructure and project management, they can help you with all sorts of projects.

Count on our IT Infrastructure project managers to set up a new cloud environment, to improve the security of your network, for device life cycle management, to migrate PABX to IPT, to facilitate the rollout of a local internet breakout, to migrate or consolidate data centres, to migrate MS Exchange Mailbox environment towards Office365, to rollout latest MS Office suite, etc.

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Software development

Do you want to initiate a project with a focus on software development? Prosource can offer you a project manager with the necessary expertise in software development and project management.

Our project managers are familiar with both agile and traditional project management. They can help you with the development of a new digital counter, the customisation or implementation of ERP (e.g. SAP), the implementation of a customer service platform, the development of terminal payment service and more.

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Research & Development

If you need support with your R&D projects, Prosource is the perfect fit. Our skilled project managers can help you with the end-to-end project management that accompanies the introduction of a new product.

Our R&D project managers are familiar with all the challenges the R&D environment faces and can help you in any domain: electronics, mechanics, embedded software, optics, certification, service, production, supply chain, product management or product quality.

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Supply Chain

Supply chain projects can be very challenging. Could you use some professional help to streamline your projects? Our supply chain team can support you in all your projects, whether they’re small or big.

Our project managers are always up-to-date on new developments in the field and can assist you with the management of projects like: improving your logistical activities, setting up automation, moving to a new warehouse, meeting legal requirements (example: serialisation), transfer to a new Warehouse Management System (WMS), etc.

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