Supply chain management at Barco

Supply chain management at Barco

When Barco wanted to automate their warehouse, our junior supply chain project manager supported them during the entire process. Read more about how we handled this supply chain management project.

The goal: warehouse automation

Barco is a Belgian technology company, that recently automated their warehouse to improve their logistic activities. The project was divided into six different streams to make it more manageable:

  • facilities,
  • material handling equipment,
  • EWM (Extended Warehouse Management),
  • ECC (ERP Central Component),
  • internal software support,
  • internal hardware, processes, people.

An internal project manager oversaw the project, but he needed someone to support him and to assist him with administrative tasks. We provided Barco the perfect junior project manager, who had experience and expertise in supply chain management.

More than just administrative support

Our junior project manager supported the project manager with tasks like:

  • following up the timeline,
  • managing the action and decision log,
  • preparing reporting,
  • planning meetings and sending out meeting minutes.

Thanks to her experience with supply chain, our project manager was also able to assist Barco in their search for the right resources for their operations (scanners, totes…). She invited suppliers, received test devices and asked operators for feedback to help Barco make their choice.

Testing the warehouse management system

During the project, the project manager realised that an extra resource was needed in order to test the warehouse management system (WMS).

Our project manager helped with logging all of the test scenarios, she trained and supported the operators and was part of the testing team during the different testing phases.