Project Management as a Service

Project Management as a Service

Sustainable added value delivered by a trusted partner

If you want to move from a bodyshopper to a trusted partner with proven skills and expertise in project management, Prosource is the right choice for you.

PMaaS (Project Management as a Service) is a service with a sustainable added value. We don’t just deliver a project manager; we deliver a full service.

7 benefits of Project Management as a Service

Seamless extension of your team

Our project managers are an extension of your internal project management team. We will make an effort to get to know the do’s and don’ts of your organisation. This way we can be sure that our project managers are well-suited for your organisational culture.

No need to worry about false self-employment

We deliver a service, not a body and most of our project managers are fully employed by us. Would you prefer our pricing model to be service-based? This is possible, depending on the risks and complexity involved in the project.

Save money

By using our services you do not only reduce your selection and recruitment costs. You also save time and money, since you don’t have to worry about the monitoring and administration of all the parties involved.

Quickly find a great project manager

We know your requirements and expectations towards project management very well so we will find the right project managers fast. Typically, we will find you the right project manager within 1 - 2 weeks.

Work with certified project managers

You want to be certain that your new project manager knows what he or she is doing. That’s why we only work with project managers who are trained and certified in at least one project management standard.

Clear communication

We will be your single point of contact. Do you have questions about project management? We will provide you with a quick and concise answer.

No frustrating administration

To reduce your administrative work, we can also take over internal administrative procedures like onboarding, follow up on orders, time reporting...

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PMaaS: step by step

We don’t just help you find your project manager, we deliver a full service. Discover our five step approach for project management

We screen

We always start by screening the project to determine your exact needs and requirements. This screening can vary from a simple interview to an in-depth evaluation of the project. We can also screen your organisation's project management approach (PM quickscan).

We staff

Thanks to our screening, we know exactly which kind of project manager you need. Our project managers all have experience in one or more domains: IT Infrastructure, application development, supply chain or R&D / Product development.

We report

A clear communication is very important. Together, we'll decide on the best way to report about our progress. We'll also give you regular updates on topics like the budget, customer satisfaction and Service Level Agreements.

We deliver

Our project managers are decisive, proactive and goal oriented. They will help you to finish the project on time and within budget. You can also rely on them to communicate with your stakeholders in a professional manner.

We recommend improvements

Our project managers get to know your company's approach and practices inside out. Based on their experience, they will make recommendations, like suggesting a new tool or a specific technique that will help you improve your project management process.

Tailored Solutions

When you choose for PMaaS, our service is fully tailored to the needs of your business. We define our approach together with you. During our collaboration, we love receiving your feedback or suggestions. This way, we’ll establish a relationship based on mutual respect and trust

"Speed to market and customer-fulfillement are key for success in our project-oriented organisation. ProSource is therefore selected as partner to assist and to improve our PMO in several domains like Earned-value, Risk, Agile-development,... Due to their expertise and long-term relationship, ProSource is able to understand our needs and propose tailor-made solutions. Next to the theoretical background, we can rely on their practical experience and implementation. “Been there, done that” of ProSource saves us a lot time."

Herwig Dierckx-Senior Project Manager-Newtec

"Great deeds are usually wrought at great risks"

Herodotus - Greek Historian

"We’ve evaluated the PMBOK training courses which were recently hosted by Prosource and I would like to share the following positive remarks with you: The interactive course material was highly appreciated, the courses were both from a theoretical and practical point of view well-structured and the lecturer was perceived as a highly professional and experienced instructor. We will for sure keep Prosource in mind for our future Project Management Training sessions."

Stephan Hoste - Managing Director - ATS company

"Making a plan is easy, executing it is the challenge."

Nico Marien - CEO - Prosource

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