Trainer - Koen De keersmaecker


Koen De keermaecker, as your trainer (also called ' imagineer ') combines his experiences as a Lean/Agile coach with techniques from the creative and advertising sector. As a result, in this training pragmatics and originality are the central backbone.  

An energetic and multi-skilled creative centipede.  At times also a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, illustrator, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, chef or… just an amazing father.

But there is more... Koen is an amazingly popular visual facilitator, -trainer and -coach. Being a Lean-Agile expert, his main observation is “People think they understand each other, but in reality they don’t.”

So as an Imagineer he makes business complexity understandable and communicable by creating visuals that support visual storytelling and - facilitation. Because he is convinced that everybody can create 100 X impact with 1/10 words, he inspires and trains knowledge workers in becoming visual communication wizards.

– “Imagination is behind every innovation” – 

After hours he also works as an illustrator (books and presentations) and do some carpentry stuff.