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The Project Management Institute PMI® is the world's leading not-for-profit project management professional association. PMI® supports over half a million members in 170 countries worldwide. PMI® members are individuals practicing and studying project management in many different industry areas. PMI® has become, and continues to be, the leading professional association in project management. 

PMP® certification is the profession's most globally recognized and respected certification credential. The PMP designation following your name tells current and potential employers that you have a solid foundation of project management knowledge that can be readily applied in the workplace. Many corporations require individuals to have the PMP credential to qualify for individual advancement within the corporation or for employment.

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 Requirements for PMP® certification

  • Work Experience:

    For a person having a bachelor degree or equivalent university degree,

    • Minimum of 4500 hours of personal project management experience
    • AND
    • Minimum of 36 non-overlapping (unique) months of personal project management experience

    For a person not having a baccalaureate or equivalent university degree, but who holds a high school diploma or equivalent secondary school credential,

    • Minimum of 7500 hours of personal project management experience
    • AND
    • Minimum of 60 non-overlapping (unique) months of personal project management experience
  • Contact hours of Project Management Institute: Minimum of 35 hours of specific instruction that addresses learning objectives in project management

Requirements for CAPM® Certification:

For a person holding a minimum of a high school diploma, associate's degree or the global equivalent:

  • Work Experience: Minimum of 1500 hours of team project management experience.


  • Formal Education: Minimum 23 contact hours of project management education.

Please note:

  • The Contact Hours of Project Management Institute can be provided by Prosource, which is a ATP of VMEdu, Inc., which is a PMI® approved Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.). PMstudy is a brand of VMEdu, Inc.
  • For detailed information about the requirements for PMP/CAPM please visit

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