PRINCE2® Foundation

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Course Approach

Learning objectives

With this 2-day PRINCE2® Foundation course, you will learn the basics of the PRINCE2© project management method. The principles of the method will become clear and the processes, themes and techniques of PRINCE2© will be elaborated. Participants will be able to take the official exam in order to obtain the internationally renowned PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate (½ day, optional).

Course Overview

  • Class-time: during the 2-day class you will get to know the method and apply it on some cases:
    • Principles of project-oriented work
    • PRINCE2©: background, principles and set-up
    • PRINCE2©: elaboration of the processes, themes and techniques
    • PRINCE2©: practice with examples
  • E-learning: participants will get access to a unique e-learning environment that covers all relevant PRINCE2© Users of the e-learning tool can determine themselves the level of depth of the study based on their personal learning objectives. The topics covered in the e‑learning tool go beyond what is required to pass the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam.
  • Exam – ½ day (optional): based upon experience we propose to hold the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam at least one week after the training completion. This provides participants sufficient time to memorise the course content.

Course materials

  • A syllabus with the presentation material accredited by APMG
  • The book: “PRINCE2® Compact”
  • Access to the e-learning environment incl. exam simulator

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

The PRINCE2® Foundation Exam is aiming to measure whether a candidate would be able to act as an informed member of a project management team using the PRINCE2 method within a project environment supporting PRINCE2.
To this end they need to show they understand the principles and terminology of the PRINCE2 method.
PRINCE2® Foundation Exam candidates must be able to:
  • Describe the purpose and major content of all PRINCE2 roles, the seven themes, the seven processes and the sub-processes, and the techniques
  • State which project management products are input to, and output from the seven processes
  • State the main purpose, and key contents, of the major management products
  • State the relationships between processes, deliverables, roles and the management dimensions of a project
PRINCE2® Foundation Exam characteristics:
  • Closed book exam
  • Time allotted for the examination: 60 minutes
  • 60 multiple-choice questions 
  • Each correct answer is worth one (1) point
  • Only one answer is correct
  • 33 marks required (out of 60 available) to pass – 55%

Interested in attending this course or an in-company training, contact us.
This training is also available online!

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