Hybrid Project Management - Workshop

Hybrid Project Management is a new powerful approach. It’s a must for project managers who have to integrate hardware and software development in one project. On the one hand, the hardware team has to follow a traditional phase-based project life cycle. On the other hand, the software team(s) want to be agile by applying the popular Scrum recipes on the software development.

Interested in this approach? Read our blog post for more information.



After this workshop you will understand why traditional plan-driven and agile approaches are not opposite but complementary and how they reinforce each other. You will know how project managers need to redefine their roles to focus less on planning and controlling, and more on providing an environment to allow agile projects to succeed.


  • The triple constraint paradigm shift
  • Agile project initiation (inception)
    • Agile Product vision
    • Agile Release strategy
  • Changing role & responsibilities of project manager and other key stakeholders
  • Traditional project management revisited


Course participants will receive:

  • A binder with full-colour presentation material (ppt format)


The target audience for this course consists of:

    • Project managers who want to integrate agile development in their project plans
    • Agile practitioners who want to better respond to the traditional project governance approach requested by the company management
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