Company History

Prosource was founded in july 2002 by Nico Marien and Marc De Mey. Since then, Prosource has been active in the field of project management. It has been our core business for over 15 year.  The name of the company is inspired by « project outsourcing ». The initial business idea was to manage customers’ projects. At that time, many companies were starting to implement good project management practices into their organization. Prosource assisted these customers by delivering project managment training, coaching project managers, developing project management processes and helping to optimize the processes.

We have seen project management evolve from an emerging profession towards a mature business supported by a variety of methods and frameworks : traditional and agile. We contributed actively in this evolution by helping our clients to apply what works.

One of the main lessons learned is that the real value of project management will only be measured by the success of the project. Complicated methods will not necessarily result in more successful projects. Prosource strongly believes in simple project management; the right technique at the right time. 

Currently, Prosource is more broadly positioned on the market by providing a solution for all the project management challenges that our clients are facing.