Business Visualization - the basics

Visualize and increase your impact with 30% – got triggered by this quote?
Well … what is it all about?

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 Date Course Time Location Price

23 Oct

Bikablo Visual Facilitation basics training
9:00 - 17:00 
Mechelen €490

30 & 31 Oct

Bikablo Visual Process Mapping
9:00 - 17:00 
14 Nov
Bikablo Visual Facilitation basics training

9:00 -17:00

Mechelen €490
15 & 16 Nov
2-day Bikablo Visual Facilitation basics training
9:00 - 17:00
14 Dec
Bikablo Visual Facilitation basics training
9:00 - 17:00

Course Approach

"Business Visualization – The Basics" is a fun, interactive and practice-oriented workshop that will teach you a new way of thinking in images. Along with other newcomers, you will take your first steps into the world of visualization and visual communication.

Business Visualization

We are going to draw, make exercises and work out an individual case study. After the workshop, you return home with a suitcase full of skills. You can make creative meeting minutes and you are able to put your abstract ideas and concepts on paper in a bright and visual way.

This workshop teaches the basics for further challenges / focus modules: Visual Storytelling, Visual Recording, Visual Facilitation, Design Thinking, Customer Journey Mapping ...

Course Overview

During a 1-day or 2-day workshop, we take you on a visual adventure. In addition to focus on the visualization basics and the individual case, we will also create an ad hoc backlog for individual questions. In the end, the added value of this day must be totally yours. 

Course Topics

  • Why are we doing visualization?

  • What are the essential building blocks of a visualization?

  • Different ways and flows to structure the information in a visual way

  • Visually expressing emotions, people and common activities

  • A clear and legible handwriting

  • Using colours when making visuals

  • Building visual symbol libraries

  • Use of practical tools and examples to create and pimp visuals and make them fit-for purpose on social media

Case Study

  • Integrate different building blocks/techniques into a great visual. 

Target Audience

This workshop welcomes everybody! You don’t need any specific knowledge nor artistic skills to join this basic workshop.

Very suitable for: managers, sales, executives, trainers/teachers, project teams and ' young potentials ' – in short anyone who regularly have to present something.

What people say about this training

With a color pen in his hand, Koen is a true magician. He has this ability to turn complex information into simple yet awesome visuals in a way that boosts creativity, increases clarity and heightens participation. Once he’s taught you some of his tricks, you’ll be able to facilitate team meetings, brainstorming sessions or workshops in an engaging, efficient and most dynamic way.” - Florence Bribosia - Head of Internal Communications at ING

Never been much of a drawer… until I followed this training. With some easy tips and tricks everyone can translate complex messages in creative and fun visuals!” - Joelle Neeb – Communications Manager

Fun and easy. I now have a basic tool to describe ideas during discussions and presentations, while adding a light fun element. A by product is impressing our colleagues. Thanks!”- Martha Benitez – Transformation Manager

You don’t have to be Michelangelo to boost the effectiveness of any presentation thanks to the very simple, but powerful drawing techniques that are explained during this training. - Thank you again for the training. Really great and useful content.” - Marco Lombardo – Project Manager