Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to put things into perspective. Do you need a positive and critical view and insight for your organisation? The Prosource assessment service is tailored to provide an objective analysis; identifying and mapping both areas for improvement and strengths. With these reports your will know exactly what is going on.  From starting - to end situation, and all steps in between.  Of course, we will conclude with formulating concrete solutions and recommendations for improvements and optimizations.  

For insights of projects and processes, we have the following tools:

Quick scan

The Quick scan is an indicator of the level of a project in a short period of time. Once the scan has been filled out, the output is a radar diagram with an overview of the scores. Those immediately reveal issues or areas of improvement. Based on those results, a direct and concrete action plan can be drawn up.  Doing this periodically, a Quick scan becomes a good instrument to monitor the progress of suggestions for improvement.

Project health check

The Project health check is a snapshot of the status of a project or program. It is a tool to identify what is good and what needs improvement; an independent evaluation of how good the project or program performs in comparison to the goals set, and to what extent it complies with organisational processes and standards. 

Project risk assessment

The Project risk assessment is an analysis of all risks; an overview of all possible threats and opportunities which could influence the outcome of the project. It displays the consequences in case a risk occurs, what countermeasures could be taken, and who is most suited to take these countermeasures. 

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