About Us


We work in project management since 2002. For more than 12 years, it has been our one and only core business. We have seen project management evolve from an emerging profession towards a mature business supported by a variety of methods and frameworks; traditional and agile. We contributed actively in this evolution by helping our clients to apply what works. We learnt a lot from that and we want to share these experiences with our clients.

One of the main lessons learnt is that the real value of project management will only be measured by the success of the project. Complicated methods will not necessarily result in more successful projects. We truly believe in simple project management; the right technique at the right time. 

Lego serious play 

This LEGO model represents our corporate identity (ref. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®)


You can see the green color that is an important part of our brand. You also see the solid foundation that represents our knowledge and experience in the field of project management. On top of that the transparent bricks represent our openness and transparency both internally and towards our customers. The cogs represent our technical and theoretical expertise that we bridge (ref. white bridge) to our customer into practical tools and techniques that are directly implementable. The flexible connection represents our flexibility towards all stakeholders. It lies on the table to indicate that also flexibility sometimes has a limit.