E-learnings Program & Portfolio

Program & Portfolio

What is it about?

The e-learning course Program & Portfolio Management is an interactive course destined to senior project managers who would like to complete their knowledge.

The course introduces to programs and project portfolios and defines the role of project management office.


  • Interactive approach
  • Numerous examples and exercises

Target groups

  • Senior project managers who would like to complete their knowledge;


  • Advanced knowledge of project management

Learning objectives

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • apply the acquainted knowledge and skills in managing programs and/or project portfolios;
  • use best practices and “know-how” in managing portfolios and programs efficiently;
  • manage a Project Management Office and/or lead a project portfolio or program.

The principal topics of this e-learning are:

  • Framework: definition and interrelation of Projects, Programs and Portfolios; Analyzing and managing the various stakeholders
  • Portfolio Governance: defining, selecting and authorizing Portfolio components; Monitoring and controlling Portfolio components; Managing Portfolio risks; Managing Portfolio resources
  • Program Governance: managing Program components; Managing Program benefits; Managing financial aspects

How does it work

The learner acquires – on an individual basis – the competences with the help of theoretical introductions, instructions how to apply the concepts, examples, as well as checklists.

Emphasis is given to the application of knowledge with the help of exercises and video examples which forces the learners to apply the theory in concrete situations.

The learners are not alone; they are accompanied by an experience distant coach who responds to questions, motivates, and checks the progress. (optional)




  • Permanent internet access
  • Latest version of internet browsers and multimedia plug-ins


12 hours