E-learnings PM Fundamentals

PM Fundamentals

What is it about?
The e-learning course “PM Fundamentals” is a basic introduction to project management which gives insights in the methods and concepts of project management.

With the help of 36 lessons grouped into 9 thematic modules, the learner is introduced step by step to the essentials of project managements, its reasoning as well as its instruments and methods.


  • Learning progress on individual basis;
  • Comprehensive introduction;
  • Exercises to apply knowledge;
  • Examples and instruction on how to apply the knowledge;
  • Several languages.

Target groups

  • Newcomers in project management;
  • Junior project managers;
  • Members of project teams;
  • Experience managers who are looking for the theoretical and methodological background

No prerequisites required.

Learning objectives
At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • understand the principle concepts of project management;
  • apply project management methods and instruments into practice;
  • manage a small or medium size project;
  • contribute to project success.


  • Project initiation and organization
  • Scope definition and development of the concept
  • Planning of activities and resources
  • Risk analysis, monitoring and control
  • Estimations, budget and cost control
  • Quality planning and control
  • Performance control and change management
  • Training and team building, communication
  • Project closing, lessons learned

How does it work
The learner acquires – on an individual basis – the technical, formal and procedural knowledge and fundamental tools of project management, so that they can successfully undertake their first projects.

Emphasis is given to the application of knowledge with the help of exercises and explanations how to apply the theory in practice.

The learners are not alone; they are accompanied by an experience distant coach who responds to questions, motivates, and checks the progress. (optional)

English, German, French (Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Italian and Chinese)


  • Permanent internet access
  • Latest version of internet browsers and multimedia plug-ins

12 hours on the average