E-learnings Organizational Transformation Foundation online course

Organizational Transformation Foundation online course

What is Organizational Transformation?

Organizational Transformation is a strategic method of getting your organization from where it is now, to where it needs to be in order to evolve and grow. Organizational Transformation begins when you recognize that change is necessary.

Introducing the Organizational Transformation Series

Dedicated to teaching project leaders, their teams, and the wider changemaker audience, what it takes to cultivate significant change within an organization. This new series from PMI teaches project professionals the process of Knowing, Doing, and Designing transformational change.

Take the first step now with the Organizational Transformation: Foundation course.

What is it?

Developed in partnership with Brightline, the Organizational Transformation: Foundation is the first of three online courses designed to provide project managers and project professionals with the toolkit deemed essential for understanding and leading organizational transformation properly and efficiently.

The nine online modules, which can be completed over a weekend, teach:

  • The five building blocks for any successful transformation
  • Best practices to shift people and performance
  • How to blend business strategy with project management skills

Upon completing the course, project managers and project professionals are given the opportunity to take the end-of-course exam, which if they pass, will earn them the Organizational Transformation: Foundation micro-credential badge.

What problem does it solve?

Organizational Transformation: Foundation approaches the process as a company-wide initiative versus a silo or top-down approach, helping project professionals to bridge the knowledge gap between transformation departments and project teams working on transformation-specific initiatives.


Enrolling in this course grants you:

  • Nine modules (7 lessons and 2 scenarios) in a self-paced virtual experience.
  • Access to world-class research, case studies, articles, videos, downloadable guides and templates for transformations.
  • A 30-question final assessment that upon passing will reward the learner 10 Professional Development Units (PDUs) as well as a Micro-credential for Transformation including a specialized badge for placement on the learner’s profile and resume.


Pricing: 400€ (excluding VAT)