E-learnings IPMA Exam Simulator

IPMA Exam Simulator

What is it about?
The exam simulator X-AM IPMA allows certification candidates to prepare for the IPMA Level D examination in an easy and efficient way. Candidates become accustomed to the kinds of questions asked during the examination while practicing with the X-AM.

X-AM includes over 350 of questions – with feedbacks on each question. A tracking system demonstrates the progress in course of the learning phase.


  • A very motivating and efficient learning method.
  • It can be used anywhere: learners can access it from any computer or tablet.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Available in several languages.

Target groups

  • Candidates for the IPMA Level D certification exam


  • Being familiar with the competence baseline of IPMA.

Learning objectives

After preparing themselves with X-AM, the participants will be able to:

  • register for a IPMA exam - well prepared and with a profound knowledge.

Aligned with the IPMA Competency Baseline 4.0, the X-AM IPMA covers the technical, behavioral and contextual competences. Each of the over 350 questions makes references to one or several competences.

How does it work
X-AM is not only an exam simulator that allows certification candidates to train in real conditions, it also serves other purposes:

  • Learning and reviewing: the questions are arranged according to the type of knowledge; thanks to the explanations given, they allow learners to extend their knowledge. Learners may view those questions which they found difficult several times, so as to consolidate their knowledge.
  • Evaluating oneself: thanks to the scores expressed in percent, learners may estimate their level of knowledge.
  • Tracking one’s progression: learners can view their results for each session and for each knowledge area; comparing those results allows them to identify the level of progression they have attained.

English, French, German


  • Permanent internet access
  • Latest version of internet browsers and multimedia plug-ins

20 hours