Let me tell you about my wacko-est idea ever …

“ I work with a team. The team interacts with other teams. Certain team members are dedicated to the team, but some of them also work cross-team. My team has its own team board. The team and also the other teams report on a common board, - the ‘Lighthouse Board’. The Lighthouse Board is weekly visited by representatives of my team and other teams, but also managers from other departments are welcome. The Lighthouse Board indicates the current status of different value streams … “

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Many companies are confronted with the same problem. How to combine effective PRINCE2 or PMBOK based project governance with the agile development techniques requested by the software teams? Read More

« What makes a highly performing project manager more effective than most other project managers? »  Drive, attitude and the project manager’s interpersonal and behavioural skills, often called “people or soft skills” can be identified as the most important differentiators. Project management means getting work done through people. This is the single, most important reason why people skills are so important for project managers.

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Estimating and risk management are two very important areas of project management. To estimate is to make approximations of future outcomes, mostly based on incomplete input. To manage risks is to discover unknowns that may impact your project objectives. Good project management practices include tools and techniques to manage uncertainties and risks. Read More
Both the CMMI and the A-SPICE Model have been around for quite some time. A-SPICE stands for Automotive Software Process Improvement & Capability Determination and is based on the original SPICE model, but it is made more applicable for the automotive market. The model shows a lot of similarities to the CMMI Model which was developed in the 80’s. As the CMMI was initially created by the SEI (on request of the American Department of Defense), A-SPICE is maintained by INTACS and is mainly sponsored by German automobile constructors (VW, Daimler, Audi, BMW). Read More
For project managers it is clear that there are multiple ways to manage projects. There are two main choices: Agile or Waterfall. It is often stated that these are completely different and therefore a project manager must choose between either agile or waterfall. But is it that simple? Is there one methodology that is superior to another for certain companies or certain projects? Read More
Similar to corporate governance, installation of good project governance enables timely identification of major project risks and facilitates management decisions. A well functioning project governance system will drastically reduce the risk of disaster projects. The PRINCE2® project management standard will help install good project governance in the following manners Read More