Introduce a specific project management practice and support client with matters regarding PM and related trainings


Service Areas

-       Project Management as a Service

-       Project Management Training

-       Project Management Staffing


Our client

A global technology company that designs and develops visualisation products for multiple markets.


Develop and improve project management processes, staff, train and coach project managers.


Support our client with management of all projects related to New Product Innovations. Provide standard and tailor-made trainings for participants worldwide.


Improve processes within product development. Introduce project management and implement SCRUM-practices within the R&D department so agile approaches for the global new product innovation project can be adopted. Take care of staffing; program and project management resources were also provided.
Prosource is also the global corporate partner for project management training and services. Project managers and others were educated about project management in general, and about the methodologies used in the company in specific.