Enable timely and accurate decision making by improving project management processes

Service Areas

-       Project Management Improvement 


Our client

A world class supplier of design and manufacturer of high lift structures, complex mechanical assemblies and major functional components.


Improve the project management processes to accurately monitor the progress of large new product development programmes (3-5 years) so that executives can make timely decisions based on correct, up to date information.


Introduce a mature project management approach with a focus on accurate project reporting. This must be done while taking into account client quality instructions.



In order to introduce a mature project management approach a standard Work Breakdown Structure for design-to-spec programmes was developed. Per defined work package the Earned Value method was defined and tools were created to support this method. Also, a management dashboard was created to easily review projects. Current time reporting systems were adapted and aligned with the new Earned Value-reporting to allow for correct project reporting. Furthermore, project managers and others were trained.